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~*~Our Crazy Lives~*~

share the cheese! save the carrot juice!

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This is a community for people who want to share their laughs and experiences. Also get a laugh out of what other people have done.

people of this community are funny, happy (not all the time depends though) and really really hyper! we always have stories to tell and some people may even label us as total freaks because we are either really really hyper or really really morbid. (a.k.a my murder speeches) but anywho...yeah we are kewl and our own breed. we are completely random and always look for fun! (i mean who doesn't want to have fun? you got to be friggin stupid if you don't want to) and we/some of us may like rock/heavy metal and enjoy moshing and going to concerts with great music! w00t for local bands! and yeah thats a little bit about all or some of us and yeah having and creating laughs is our thing...*winks*

~this has been brought to you by mandaz~