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weird dream shizzle

i had the freakiest dream. it was of me and some dude i don't even like going out...and then a lady came to our door and said that she needed a place to stay. so i said "sure if you pay" so she paid rent for staying and she brought in a LIVE POLAR BEAR from her car. it stayed up in the room with her and stuff and i thought OMG its gonna eat one of us so then i open the door to the room full of like random baby toys and there she is, half eaten inside the polar bear's mouth and still somewhat alive. so i ran down the stairs and packed my stuff. i went in the car and stayed at the saybrook point inn. then it suddenly jumped to me in a boat and almost falling out and me jumping in the water after scott's hampster in a mini skirt. *shrugs* very interesting, eh?

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