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turn this pain into something real...

YAY i had a freaky dream last night! ok...this is how it went...

my neighbors were gonna pay me $300 to put these duck shaped clay shelves all over the wall in their family room. they wanted the whole thing done in one day so i went there right after school and started the walls. first, i had to paint the walls dark green and then i had to add te duck thingies on there and some of them had this really tackie purple glitter on it from when my neighbor had started. she told me to follow the pattern but in my eyes, there was no pattern at all. it was just a bunch of glitter in random spots and it looked stupid. so then she turns to her daughter who had been the glitter-doer and then yelled and said something like "that looks horrible, haley, thank god when we have the circus at school, the clowns will take it off..." i don't know that was strange. so then i had to go to the bathroom and for some reason the neighbors didn't have one so i ran in like slow motion to my house in the pouring rain with nothing but a shirt and shorts on. then i got to the garage door and for some reason it was open so i locked it and went inside. i had a sudden urge to lock all the doors and close some blinds and then, while i was going to go to the bathroom, i saw this weird looking car drive into the driveway. (it looked like a batmobile i swear)and then i heard voices and thought shoot i forgot to lock the front door and i had left the screen door open. they were saying something like "we're gonna get stuff here." so then these weird guys come in with what looked like an air compresser and some other stuff like bombs or something and they were in these weird red and black jump suits that were laced in the front on the legs and up from their stomach to their neck. they also had wild curly hair and had sunglasses on. i asked them what they were doing as two of them went up the stairs and they said they were doing an inspection. then i had to go to the bathroom and for some reason i went in a screened in thing and had to pull a sheet around, i don't know, and then they blew the house up and i guess i died.

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