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crazy dream

Okay, if anyone can tell me what these dream means that would be greatly appreciated.

Crazy Dream:
In my dream, I woke up and I was lying on dirt. Fun stuff. I got up, brushed myself off and saw a sign saying, "Welcome to Hell." Big suprise, I told myself. I was walking along, and found a cell phone in my pocket, and didn't think much of it. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow. I looked back and it wasn't there. I continued walking until I saw it again. I turned around and zombies rise out of the ground. I thought something along the lines of "Oh Crap!" and ran my ass off. The zombies chased me, so I pulled out the cell phone, flipped through the options and one said "Kill Zombie mode". Pretty sweet. I zapped all the zombies and continued walking. Then spiders appeared. Really REALLY big spiders. My friend Andrew came swinging on a vine, (like Tarzan) and swung right into the spider's mouth. The ironic thing is that he's afraid of spiders. I flipped through the cell phone options, and one said "freeze spiders". Sounded like a good idea, so I froze all the spiders with the cell phone. Then all hell was frozen, and Satan came over, yelled at me for freezing all hell over, and locked me in a little cell. I flipped through the cell phone for options on what to do, and there was nothing, so I used the cell phone as a shovel and dug myself a hole out. Somehow, nobody noticed. Then, when I got out, candy was raining from the sky and my sugar high friends were dancing in the street. I figured, well, all hell is frozen over, so it kind of makes sense. Then I got abducted by aliens and went to heaven. Then God (who was a big shiny golden thing that I couldn't see) said he was very proud of me and wanted me to rule the world according to his rules, and gave me 23 commandments. They were really heavy and I dropped them. They fell through the clouds and fell on my friend Cassie and squashed her underneath. A series of "help me" sounds came out. God quickly said, oh well, those weren't important anyway and then I got to rule the world. Then I woke up.

Nice dream, but slightly insane.
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hmm... that is one crazy dream. Unfortunantly I don't know what it means. I once had a dream where I was chased by a refridgerator all around Sears. And no one would help me. And then the guy I like popped out of the fridge and started chasing me and I was screaming bloody murder cause I'm shy. ahahaha.

Damn, that sucks. Knowing my luck, sounds like something that would happen to me. XD
wow that is an awesome dream though! i want a cell phone as cool as that! *hopes to have the same dream as you to use kewl cell phone*

Yeah, the cell phone was really sick. Too bad it had nothing to help me dig and I had to use it as a shovel. Speaking of really cool yet useless electronic devices, did you hear on the news that some chick beat her bf to death using an i-pod because he deleted all her songs? The coroners said he died from internal bleeding.
OMG no i never heard that! hahaha that is so0o0o funny! wow some one was a little psycho...geez i guess technology really takes the best of us...



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