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Mend my broken wings...

wEeEeEe im hyper! ok anywho...im gonna post my dream well kinda a little bit of my dream b/c i don't remember that much...only the stupid details!

~*~my dream~*~

ok...at one point i had a dream there was a cow in the room and that i ran to grammies and then krissy, well, i don't know what happened to krissy but i hope the cow wasn't hungry.
then i had a dream about a stuffed cat and that i made it chase i peice of toast from the banister and then i ran and caught her before she hit the ground. then, i wanted to show my family the trick she preformed but then it like was dead so i put it in a tomb with the other dead stuffed animals...
then i had something that had to do with silly puddy and a dude in a field...i don't remember this totally but i think i liked him and that i was blowing bubbles with it and popping it...idk...very odd. and something weirder happened with a potty but i don't remember that.
then i had a dream about a band and joining it. i don't totally remember though its kinda foggy. i don't really know who was in it but thats ok.

so yeah...thats all i remember...little bits may come to me later in the day and i will post them if they do. i am the queen of odd dreams and o kris post the one that one had that was funny an quite strange. don't forget to add the newcomer! hehe. bye bye

me hyper!
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