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dreams are special...each one has its own different meaning...

well since no one's here...im gonna write about my dream...

~*~my dream~*~

i had a weird dream that i was in this really big house with those circling stairs and they were all wood. i was sick and i had to give a party. so all my friends went upstairs and i stayed downstairs on the couch. i fell asleep and woke up to all of my family there and my friends had left. i went up to the room (which i have seen in my dreams many times before and i don't understand why) i saw my guitar in the corner and some loser had taken off all the strings and replaced it with plastic ones. then i remember running down the stairs with my barbie car from when i was like 5 and people telling me to be careful with it when it has already cracked and broken and faded. then i went back up into the room and thought i found the strings but it ended up being the connecters to the back of a VCR. then i woke up.

can anyone tell me what this means?

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